You think big, You get big!

People who live in a small circle, think small, have small dreams and have small minds. They don’t have the capacity to think beyond the box. They mingle with unsuccessful people and think themselves to be the superior deaf in the inferior community of the blinds. They get happiness by achieving insignificant things by maybe hurting others or by conspiring against them.

But, on the contrary… they don’t realise, among some people they are conspiring against, do not belong into their circle. They have an inner circle of their own, they believe in quality of friendship, not the quantity.. their thinking is much beyond conspiring, in fact they don’t have the kind of time for conspiring with low lives like them. Neither are they interested nor trying to be a part of their circle.
Its really hard to find people who think outside the box and have a mind of their own. All we see here is loads of “useless and unused brains” who can only criticise and conspire against others.



With the rise in the cafe culture in Siliguri, this cute little tea bar called Moutat in Ashram Para has got quite a lot of attention from college kids. It is divided into two areas, the smoking and non-smoking zone. Open mics, karaokes, and parties like Halloween etc. held here sometimes. It also has a small nook for books where people seeking solitude can chill alongwith sipping on tea. My favourite has to be the masala tea and french fries. The cheese balls are a must have too. They specialise in wine tea, but I haven’t tried it yet, but after I do, I’ll surely give my review on that.

To put it all together, I must say this place has a very chilled out vibe and provides a cool ambience to hang out with friends and if you’re new to this city, this pocket-friendly place is a must visit. At least for a cup of tea and cigarettes maybe?

Now or Never

Choice. A small word isn’t it? But it can move mountains (not literally) but can make real big impacts on a person’s life.


Choice is what you need to make at the beginning of a day, as soon as you wake up. Its difficult to choose, between your regular cup of coffee (with milk and sugar) and green tea. But the choice you make, will lead you to be either more healthy or unhealthy. When you prefer listening to something in the morning you need to choose between podcast and FM. When you are going to have your breakfast, you have to choose between fresh fruits and chips. At your office /school/college you need to choose between shoving all your work aside and giving time to friends and colleagues or forgetting all your friends for the time being and finish all your work on time and be appreciated by all. You choose whether you come back from your workplace and grab the remote and start binging on your favourite Netflix show or do you hit the gym. You choose you’ll be partying with friends late at night or sleeping soundly, tucked inside your bed.

And finally choice is when that alarm rings, do you just dismiss the alarm like every other day, or actually wake up with its first ring.

Good morning!

#goodvibes #choices

Netaji Cabin

Netaji Cabin is amongst the oldest and the most affordable cafe/tea house in the small city of Siliguri. It is very famous for serving breakfast at a very pocket-friendly price. Its name was also mentioned in the India Times. The half-boiled eggs and the thick bread with butter and sugar are a speciality of this place. The tea offered is Darjeeling leaf tea, whose flavour is just unforgettable. You also get milk and coffee. All prices range between Rs. 10-30.

If you ever happen to visit Siliguri, and are looking for a nice, small & cozy place to chill, I would surely recommend you to visit Netaji Cabin.

Long Time No See

Hello there!

A very good morning to all of you!

I know I’ve been off for a while now, and I shamelessly blame it on my exams, stress, tension, college etc. (Although I know I’m making excuses) So, a lot has been happening lately, ever since I was gone… and I hope I can catch up with the same pace I was working on this blog. I will keep writing on a regular basis. (At least I’ll try to).

So, an advancement in my life, I am in a real relationship for the past 10 months… and although there were many ups and downs, we are together in the end. I hope everything goes well. Fingers crossed. XX


First Love


Most things in life happen accidentally. I fell in love too in that way. I don’t know how and why and I can’t happen to answer those questions ever.
But somehow life had to show me how it feels like to love someone (who apparently, didn’t love me back.)
For those who are reading my story and haven’t been in love, then… I hope you once try and decipher the emotions I am gonna use in this write up.
So, how does it feel like when you fall in love for the first time?
It happened to me when I was in my ninth grade. Yes, teenage of course…
Don’t worry, even I thought it was an infatuation… will go away.. but unfortunately.. it lasted… quite a while.
It sounds like movies, but it’s really true!
When I used to see him…I would feel butterflies in my tummy… when he was near me.. my knees would turn to jelly… & I would soon turn red.
If my eyes would meet his gaze… I would think of nothing but getting lost into him…
I could spend the entire day just looking at him…
Everything about him was just so beautiful. Those were the times I would believe in fairy tales… and I so wished him to become my Prince Charming…

Every day of my school life, became a whole new experience for me after that.
I started listening to romantic songs, watch romantic movies and imagine him along with me. Always.
Then came a time when we started talking on a regular basis… and eventually, we became bestfriends.
I didn’t want to be friendzoned by him. But still, I was adjusting to the fact that being his bestfriend is “Okay” because at least I’m getting some excuse to stay close to him most of the time.
When you fall in love for the very first time, you fall real hard.. and that hurts. Quite naturally.
But then came 2014, and Bam!
Here comes the twist in the tale.
No, don’t be excited, he didn’t fall for me. Something unexpected happened.
He asked me out on a date. (Whoa that was what I wanted for so long)
And the date as far as I recall, quite clearly, was 28th April 2014.
Yes. And that was the day when I shared my first kiss with my first love. (Sounds so fairytale-ish)
But from here my life started taking a U-turn.
Instead of growing as a person, I fell into an entangled mess. I screwed my life, created distance with my parents, lost friends, lost trust and most importantly, lost myself in the process.
No. I don’t blame him for that…afterall, you cannot clap with a single hand.
But those were the best and the darkest period of my life.
I used to cry every single night in self pity… thinking what is so wrong with me that his feelings doesn’t grow for me at all? Was there any deficit in my love for him?
I don’t know what it was.
But maybe, some things are just not meant to be?
I know I had given my 100 percent… he couldn’t have asked for more. I didn’t leave any stone unturned for making him happy… to express how I feel for him. I made him my world, my only priority…
But, unfortunately it wasn’t the same from his side. I know, its sad. But its okay.
I had a lesson and…
What I learnt?
->To fake smiles. To become stronger, inside out.
To be a better person with time.
It took me 6 long years to move on. Trust me it was difficult. But we cannot be stuck with the same chapter of a book right? We need to turn the page and move on.
So, I did.

I wish him luck and hope he gets success in his life. No hard feelings.

That’s it for now. I’ll take your leave. Goodnight. Goodbye.

Dow Hill, Kurseong


The solitary church of the Victoria Boys High School looked clam and sleepy in the bitterly cold wind…

Dow Hill is considered to be one of the most haunted places in the world. Many residents of that place believe that its not safe to go there during the night time. 

But, is it true at all ? Or it is just a myth… is still a mystery. 


Shubho Bijoya

Shubho bijoya to all the fellas out there!

Durga Puja brings with it a feeling of joy, togetherness and love. Durga puja gives us the opportunity to make new friends and meet our old ones after a long time…and they share the same old bond of friendship with the nostalgia of the good old days. But as dashami comes closer, we start boxing up the memories in the form of photographs… and finally, goddess Durga is all set to go back home… And our happy holidays come to an end. And all we are left with are the bottled up memories, ready to cherish those until next time…

Because asche bocchor abar hobe.

Like a Rainbow in the Sky

Just at the break of dawn, The golden rays of the sun were falling all over my face… making it very uncomfortable for me to sleep… It was a bright monday morning. I drew the curtains and tried to fall asleep because it was hardly 4:30 A.M. I tossed and turned… but by then my sleep had just vanished. It had been a long time since I went for early morning walks… so I thought of going on a long walk in the fresh morning air…

So, I wore my tracks and tee and got ready… But as I was about to head out of my home… what I heard was the dreadful rumbling of thunder in the sky… I opened the curtains and saw… the sunshine was there no more… & the sky was veiled with a sheath of dark clouds. The little birds who were chirping were finding a shelter now… It was the homecoming of the Kal Baisakhi… as it was the month of May… The weather which seemed to be so clear and cloudless… in the next instant it seemed to be so dark and gloomy. You just never know what can happen at the next moment… Life can be this unpredictable.

The storm continued for several hours… and I wondered when would the rain stop…

Clouds in the sky very much resembles the thoughts in our minds. Both changes perpetually from one second to another as quoted by Mehmet Murat Ildan stands so true!

However, soon enough I saw the rain slowly changing into a soft drizzle and it finally stopped. I could see the sun started playing peek-a-boo through the cracks between the little puffs of white dotting the topaz blue sky overhead… And to my utmost surprise I saw the appearance of a colourful bow that made the sky look so beautiful!

I succumbed at the beauty of the scenery… and thought to myself ‘Everyone wants happiness, No one wants pain. But you can’t have a rainbow Without a little rain.

Picture Courtesy: Anishka Sharan

Flawsome Women

Women empowerment is not always limited to education. It also means to let her be comfortable in her own skin. Doesn’t matter if she is fat or thin, is fair or dark, has scars or stretch marks, or she chooses to wear short clothes or wear anything that she is comfortable in. Firstly, When she is okay with wearing something of her choice who are you to comment something? That shows how narrow minded you are. Also, we ask for equality. Equality for everything. Not only education and fundamental rights wise… but also… According to the eye of the society.. we should be looked upon with the same respect and honour that is given to a man. The length of the skirt can never determine a person’s carecter or personality.

It’s time to be flawsome. ‘Cause flawsome is the new awesome.